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Relieve a tense, painful neck with a supportive, high-tech memory foam cushion. This essential road accessory quickly remedies pain and increases circulation in and around the neck. The strong, adaptive memory foam that comprises the cushion absorbs road shocks including potholes, rough terrain, and more. It adjusts to the natural contours of the neck, head, and shoulders to offer idealized, customized support, and it molds to a shape that holds with time, so constantly making minor changes to the cushion’s positioning isn’t an issue. The cushion’s flexibility and endurance make it perfect for users who suffer chronic neck pain or have temporary injuries. This cushion can be used in any car or SUV thanks to its elastic strap, which fits the cushion to headrests of all shapes and sizes. The strap also cuts back on annoying slipping and sliding that can happen with other cushions after even a few minutes of use. Driving on freeways, off-road terrain, or rocky cobblestone roads can all be pain-free experiences with this sturdy, supportive cushion. As with many items that quickly become favorites, this cushion can be no stranger to dirt and grime, but its removable cover makes stain elimination easy. When the cushion reaches the point where those inevitable dust and dirt splotches are a bit too much to bear, just remember to take the cushion cover off on your next laundry day and include it in the wash. ● Built for neck strain relief and boosted circulation● Ideal for use on rough terrain● elastic strap secures cushion to headrests of all sizes● Perfect for both cars and SUVs● Removable cover for hassle-free cleaning
INSTANT NECK RELIEF – Protect your neck with this highly supportive cushion! This essential road accessory is designed to keep discomfort at bay. Its ergonomic shape helps to boost circulation in and around the neck. The robust memory foam inside the cushion absorbs terrain shocks such as potholes, rough roads, and other driving obstacles and situations that can jostle the neck. Sit back and relax – on roads of all conditions, this cushion helps keep your neck safe and sound.
HIGH-GRADE MEMORY FOAM – The high-grade memory foam inside this cushion achieves neck support that lasts for hours of prolonged use. The memory foam adjusts to the precise shapes and curves of the neck, head, and shoulders for personally optimized support. It retains its form over time, meaning that frequently adjusting the cushion for optimal neck support and circulation isn’t likely to be necessary. The material makes the cushion ideal for those with neck injuries or chronic pain.
USE ON ANY ROAD – Anywhere you drive, this cushion has you covered! The elastic strap this cushion comes with secures the cushion for the long run, making that pesky slipping and sliding a thing of the past even on badly paved highways, off-roading trips, or ancient cobblestone roads. Whether during a short commute to work or a days-long road trip, this cushion doesn’t struggle to stay in place. Once it’s set, it’s a truly snug fit.
UNIVERSAL FIT – This neck cushion fits any car or SUV! It’s built to attach to any size headrest thanks to its elastic strap. Simply tighten or loosen the strap as needed. Roomy driver and passenger seats, standard back seats, cramped middle seats—this cushion is as versatile as they come. Even in taxis and rideshares, this cushion can help to keep neck pain at bay!
REMOVABLE COVER – As with most frequently used accessories, this neck cushion has the potential to quickly gather stains. Removing these from the cushion is no hassle at all – its removable cover makes thorough cleaning quick and easy. Next time laundry day arrives, remove the cushion cover and include it with your wash cycle. It can be washed in any machine, at any temperature, and dried in any dryer.