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Inflatable Travel Neck Pillows –
Anatomically & Ergonomically Designed Pillows For Cervical Spine Support To Help Alleviate Neck
Pain & Headaches

For the neck, a Travel neck pillow usually works better to minimize torsion strain. sleep on the edge of the pillow where the head can be at a 45 to 60 degree angle. This helps to minimize cervical spine strain.
Chances are if you have bad neck posture resulting from Inflatable pillows without correct support, this can result in bothersome snoring, headaches, lack of restorative sleep, tingling and/or numbness of your hands and arms in addition to neck pain and stiff muscles.So, having some of these problems can indicate that a good, supportive pillow can help,which offer support for the normal neck curve can minimize neck pain as well as headaches, providing a greater quality of sleep.Proper sleep helps eliminate fatigue, restore strength and energy, and ensure well body function.
Benefits Of Travel Pillows
Keeping your head and neck supported while traveling, improving comfort and safety and getting a good nights sleep. Travel pillows can help to make your traveling experience less stressful and less painful.
1.Why it has some smells?
– After a long time of airtight packaging, when the packaging is just opened, there will be some smell. Generally, the product will be put in a ventilated place, and the smell will disappear after 3-5 minutes.

2.How to use the product?
The product can last for 2 days when it is full. When it is not in use, customers are advised not to store it in the inflated state, which will reduce the service life of the product.

2.What is the size?
– Color: black Un-inflated size: 5.8*4.7*2.3 inches Inflated size: 19.6*11.8*11.8 inches. Applicable occasions: office, plane, travel.
Perfect Angle Design – 45°:The Airplane Neck Pillow is Designed with a Perfect 45°Angle, Allowing Your Head and Neck to Naturally Lean Forward, this Sleeping Pillow Decrease the Pressure of Your Cervical Vertebra. the Perfect 45°Angle of inflatable Travel Pillow can offer you better comfort of rest, make you easier to fall asleep and sleep longer on the road.
Get Rid Of Pain & Bad Posture : Bad Posture can Cause Cervical Damage and Damage the Sciatic Nerve and the Coccyx. We Define Neck Pillows As Those not Just Wrapping Around Your Neck, But Those the Maintain the Proper Relationship Between the Head, Neck and Shoulders When Sleeping, Based On Sound Ergonomic Principles. This Inflatable Travel Neck Pillows can Help You To Stay Away from the Damage and Insomnia.
Atmospheric Valves : The Inflatable Travel Pillow Uses the Unique Big Air Valve, Compared To the Ordinary Inflatable Air Pillow is Easier To Inflate and Deflate.(It is not Recommended To Fill the Air Too Full, Leave Some Space, the Airplane Neck Pillow Will Be More Soft.)
Portable & Suitable : The Travel Pillow Soft and comfortable to touch, when you put your face on it, it gives you unimaginable comfort. And it have a Drawstring Bag, and After Folding the Airplane Pillow is Placed Inside the Bag. the Airplane Travel Pillow Net Weight is Only 0.78 Lbs. It is Very Portable. Whether It’s Family, Airplane, Car, Bus, Train, Office Nap, Camping, Etc., It’s a Great Help For You To Have a Good Night’s Sleep.
size: 5.8*4.7*2.3 inches Inflated size: 19.6*11.8*11.8 inches. Applicable occasions: office, plane, travel.