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Enjoy a new way to have fun and exercise with this Skip Ball Ankle Toy Pack from Champion Sports! Complete with 6 hop skipper toys, our skip ball for girls, boys and adults will provide endless fun – whether you’re playing alone or competitively in a group. These are fun toys for kids during gym classes or backyard games, and they are perfect for use at camps, rec centers, youth centers, and more. This pack of swing balls includes red, orange, yellow, green, royal blue, and purple skip balls, so everyone can choose their favorite color. These adults and kids jumping toys are made with sturdy plastic and feature a durable 18-inch cord that is gentle on legs. Each skip hop jump rope is lightweight to make sure it swings easily, but won’t hurt on impact if you miss a step! Plus, this toy includes a large, 5.5-inch diameter ankle ring that easily fits over most feet, so that anyone can enjoy a fun cardio workout. Easy to clean and maintain, you will be able to use this ankle skip ball for kids and adults for years! Whether you’re looking for a way to get kids off the couch or an easy new workout, our skip ball toy is simple to use. Just slip your foot into the ankle ring and start swinging the corded ball around your ankle – then just keep jumping over the cord with your other foot! This ball swing for kids and adults is sure to provide a fast, fun cardio workout for hours. Get ready to play anytime, anywhere with this Skip Ball Ankle Toy Pack! Product Details: (6) Swing Balls – Size: 18-inch Cord; 5.5-inch Diameter Ankle Ring – Materials: Plastic – Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Royal Blue, and Purple.
Ready for Fun: Get ready for a fun way to play and enjoy cardio with this skip ball set from Champion Sports. Complete with 6 swing balls, these unique toys make fantastic adult and kids exercise equipment that everyone will love.
Always Comfortable: This hopper ball has a 5.5-inch diameter ankle ring that easily slips over most feet. The lightweight plastic ball swings easily, so it doesn’t hurt on impact, and the cord on this skip ball toy is gentle on legs for safety.
Durable Skip Ball Toy: Crafted with sturdy plastic, these skip balls are fantastic exercise toys for kids and adults. Each skip along jumping toy features a durable cord, and they are easy to clean and maintain so you can always enjoy fun cardio.
Colorful Skipit Set: Our exclusive skip game set includes 6 swing balls in an assortment of bright, fun colors so that they can be played alone or competitively. This set includes red, orange, yellow, green, royal blue, and purple skip jump toys.
Fun for Everyone: Whether you’re looking for a fun new exercise or the perfect way to get kids outside, this swing ball for adults and kids is perfect for everyone. Our ankle toy set can be used at schools, camps, or just in your backyard