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Memory Foam Memory Foam Memory Foam Microbead Memory Foam Memory Foam

Key Features
Ergonomic Contour Ergonomic Contour Durable Eye Mask Included Convenient Storage Pocket Ergonomic Contour Versatile Adjustments

12.2″ x 12.6″ 12.2″ x 12.6″ 12.2″ x 12.6″ 12.2″ x 12.6″ 10.5″ x 8″ 12.2″ x 12.6″

Machine Washable

OFFICIALLY LICENSED BROOKSTONE: Contoured Memory Foam Travel Pillow; Distinctive, innovative, and quality products for women, men, and kids of all ages; The new Brookstone travel accessories line is designed to add elevated comfort, organization and storage to travelers at affordable prices. Visit our store to find gifts any traveler will love and adore!
CONTOURED MEMORY FOAM TRAVEL NECK PILLOW: It’s made with high-density memory foam that responds to your body’s shape and movements, providing you with the support you need on your trips. The pillow is designed with a luxurious fleece material that feels soft and comfortable against your skin, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy their journey. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, car, or bus, this ergonomic U-shaped pillow will support your head and neck.
HEAD + NECK SUPPORT: This supportive neck pillow can help make the journey more comfortable by reducing stress on your neck and shoulders, and allowing you to sleep comfortably upright. Additionally, placing the memory foam travel pillow behind your back can provide lumbar support and help alleviate stress incurred on your back during extended periods of sitting. This pillow can help you rest comfortably and lean your head during your trip, whether traveling by car, bus, train, or airplane.
ERGONOMIC CONTOUR: The Contoured Memory Foam Travel Pillow is designed to fit comfortably around your shoulders. Its unique shape allows for more sleeping options, thanks to its low back and high sides. Additionally, it comes with an extendable snap closure that easily attaches to your suitcases, baggage, duffle bags, weekend bags, and backpacks, making it perfect for hands-free travel through airports, bus terminals, train stations, rest stops, gas stations, and more.
WASHABLE COVER: The high-quality fleece casing of the travel pillow is easily removable and machine washable via a convenient rear zipper, making it effortless to keep fresh for your next trip.