Bali Waterfalls: These Gems Will Surprise You.

Bali Waterfalls: These Gems Will Surprise You.


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Bali shines with its sunny beaches and rich culture, but beyond the common tourist trails lie the island’s best-kept secrets: Its waterfalls. These delicate treasures serve as a quiet refuge for the kindred spirits who like to go off the beaten track in Bali.


Secret Wonders of Bali

You don’t go to Bali’s lesser-known waterfalls for the incredible views alone; they invite you to get a taste of the island in its raw and natural state. Although the majority of the visitors may go to the standard places, exploring the hidden corners could be the best way to immerse yourself in the undistracted nature and the original Balinese culture.


Waterfall 1 #Sekumpul Waterfall 

Found in the northern part of the island, is frequently referred to as the most marvelous waterfall in Bali. It is an impressive formation of several cascading falls that fall into a hidden gorge and thus form a breathtaking haven.

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How to Get There

 Along the way to Sekumpul, you go through the impressive landscape of Singaraja. Your trip will begin in Sekumpul village, and you will follow a trail through local farms, where you will walk down a set of steps until you reach the waterfalls. The hike is tortuous, but it is still an integral part of the experience that brings you closer to the nature of Bali.


What makes it special?

The way to Sekumpul is not only an adventure but also a journey through jungles, across rivers, and up cliffs. The good news is the soothing mist and the thunderous sound of the falls, which give a moment of excitement and calmness that makes it a journey of the soul.


Waterfall 2: Banyumala Twin Waterfalls: Experience Being Relieved. 

In the north mountains, Banyumala Twin Waterfalls remains a peaceful retreat, untouched by noise and crowds. In this serene spot, the twin cascades flow into the crystal-clear pool that faces a thick tropical forest, offering a sacred hideaway with a wild side.

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How to Get There

 Just a few clicks from Wanagiri village, the pathway towards Banyumala would plunge you deep into wild Bali. You can find authentic fascination at every corner of the way. As you proceed towards Handara Gate, you are bound to take a moment to capture a picture or visit the holy Ulun Danu Beratan Temple.

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What makes it special?

 Featuring twin waterfalls and an attractive natural pool below for a more sedate swim, Banyumala is the right destination for calmness seekers in Bali, amidst the beauty of the greenery. The pool’s mild water shares with swimmers of all levels this wordless space of Balinese paradise.


Waterfall #3: Tibumana Waterfall

In the native garden of Bali, one of the Bali waterfalls, the Tibumana Waterfall provides a serene and refreshing place to break away from everyday stress. Here you are, forgetting time and letting yourself taste the beautiful sound of cascading water and far-flung birds chirping.

 In a beautiful waterfall surrounded by a tropical forest of Balinese flowers, the water drops from the top into a deep and clear pool, as if from a fairy tale story. It fits perfectly with those who need to unwind amidst the calmness of their natural surroundings.

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A Breeze to Visit

 Only a 15-minute drive from Ubud, Tibumana is one of the waterfalls that are easily accessible on the island, if not the most so. The way to it is short and not difficult to find, allowing for a peaceful stroll through the jungle. This accessibility, together with the beautiful waterfall, makes it an excellent place for families and anyone who is just looking to have a peaceful place without going through a tough hike.


Why You’ll Love It

 Tibumana is a simple gift of nature, all wrapped up in a single package. It goes well with a quiet day just for the family or anyone to have a relaxing time. The amazing nature of the place beautifies it for photography lovers, and the appealing pool below is suitable for a short swim. Tibumana Waterfall is meant to relax and appreciate the natural beauty of Bali at your leisure.


Waterfall #4: Kanto Lampo Waterfall

 Hidden among Bali’s green fields, you’ll find Kanto Lampo Waterfall, which has its water sparkling over tiered rocks, creating a phenomenal tableau of visual peacefulness. The waterfall is distinguished because of the harmony of sounds and sights that mesmerize visitors. On top of that, it is a must-see place to visit on any Bali adventure.

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Effortless Access

Just a half-hour drive from Ubud, you can reach Kanto Lampo if you desire to immerse yourself in nature while staying on course. Regardless of your mode of transport, be it a motorbike or a car, the trip is simple, and all you need to do is just walk a short distance, and you will find this wonder of nature. It is a dream picnic spot for nature lovers who want a close yet serene experience.


What Sets It Apart

 Kanto Lampo isn’t just visually appealing from afar; one has the opportunity to interact with its terraced water flow, climb the rocky terrain, and plunge into the cool waters.

The combination of these two aspects makes Kanto Lampo appealing not only as a sight for visitors but also as an immersion experience and even as a memory. Kanto Lampo’s beauty and opportunity for creative photos make it more than a sight; it’s where stories unfold.

Waterfall #5: Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad Cepung is not just limited to a waterfall; it is a magical experience hidden in a cave. While light beams through the cave opening and hits the water to disperse in the form of a light wave, it makes this place exceptionally photogenic. In addition, there is a feeling of discovering a secret treasure.

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Way to a hidden gem

Tukad Cepung, a fair trek from Ubud, lies in breathtaking Tembuku. The trail winds through stunning scenery to a cave-like cathedral. The perfect moment to view the waterfall in full dazzle and enjoy the sunlight and falling water is around noon.


The main distinction

Tukad Cepung’s cave location offers a unique overlook of Bali, making it unlike any other waterfall destination. A waterfall immersed in sunlight is not only a visual pleasure but also a great spot for photographs. Those wishing to explore Bali’s captivating world and capture fairytale-like images can’t afford to miss it.

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Helpful Tips for Waterfall Hiking

Embarking on an adventure to the thrilling Bali waterfalls is an experience in itself, but preparation enhances the journey further.

Dress Smart

Select fabrics that are light, breathable, and quick to dry, as you will be wet most likely. Waterproof hiking shoes are essential to maintaining proper footwear on slippery trails.

Combat the sun’s rays with a hat and sunscreen, and choose a light rain jacket for unexpected showers

Pack Wisely

Take a waterproof backpack with you, which should contain water, energy snacks, a towel, and a set of clothes.

Shall we go for the beauty shot? Make sure your camera or phone is waterproof or well-protected.

Secondly, add sunscreen, insect repellant, and a flashlight for the darker paths and late hours.


Safety First

Always abide by safety warnings and listen to the locals closely. When the trail looks especially rough or if you’re unsure about the swimming conditions, talk to the locals for suggestions or engage the services of a professional guide.

Always maintain a safe distance from these Bali waterfalls and be wary of rocks that are wet and slippery.


Timing Your Visit

The dry season allows for a good waterfall hike because the paths are not too slippery and there is little chance of rain. This is between April and October.

This is the time of year, after the rains, between November and March, when water is at its peak and beautiful to see.


Wrapping Up

Bali’s waterfalls, from the grandeur of Sekumpul to the serene dips at Banyumala Twin Waterfalls, invite exploration. Whether it’s the easily reachable Tibumana or the hidden gem at Tukad Cepung, verdant adventures await.

Hidden from Bali’s beaches and temples, these places beckon explorers to delve deeper and uncover the island’s essence.

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